Some years ago I started working at WUR and develop my research line on water quality and human health. This group of PhD and MSc students have all  strongly contributed to where we are with the work in this field today. Three professors have been very important for the progress. Prof. Gertjan Medema has been involved from the start and I strongly rely on his expertise in microbiology. Prof. Rik Leemans has given me all the freedom and support to develop my own research line. Prof Carolien Kroeze has helped with her expertise in global water quality modelling. I am very fortunate to have their support. Our team is part of the Water Quality subgroup of the Earth Systems and Global Change group, in which we strongly collaborate with other staff and students, including Dr. Maryna Strokal, Dr. Mengru Wang and Dr. Annette Janssen. In many of the projects and PhD supervision teams, I collaborate with others within and outside the Earth Systems and Global Change group.

Current PhD students

Floris Teuling

Nitrogen cycling in soil and groundwater, local phenomena on a global scale

Miranti Ariyani

Antibiotics in a multifunctional reservoir: exploring its occurrence, sources, and impact on reservoir services

Songtao Mei

Modelling of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistant bacteria in rivers in China

Shiyang Li

Multi-pollutant assessment and solutions for clean water in Three Gorges Reservoir area in China

Abdullah Al Masud

Environmental Sustainability of the Bangladeshi Shrimp Industry in the Context of Climate Change

Daniel Okaali

Socio-economic and climate change impacts on rotavirus-associated disease burden in Uganda’s surface waters

Nancy Mondragon

Waterborne pathogen concentrations in rivers and consequent burden of disease in Mexico City

Past PhD students

MSc students

I have, together with my team, supervised a large number of MSc thesis students. They have in many cases contributed to our research and publications.